Sun 20
Bristol Firebrands
Adult Mixed
Ciren Extinguish Firebrand's Flame!

Ciren Extinguish Firebrand's Flame!

By Christopher Lamb

Continuing along the road to Lee Valley

The day of Ciren's second outing in the mixed knockout arrived and, by some miracle of chance, a full squad including subs was assembled! The team arrived at the away fixture with minimal wrong turns and proceeded to warm up, shrugging off the hangovers and working off the aches from Saturday's game. After a masterful and inspiring team talk the game commenced. The game was then stopped shortly after as the Cirencester side had unwittingly reverted to the tactics employed last round of playing with only ten. This minor issue was rectified and the game recommenced. Immediately the Ciren side set about the firebrands defence, with constant pressure from the off. Inside the first ten minutes a superbly deflected goal from Emma Black put Ciren ahead. The continued pressure maintained by the forward line of Matt Hicks and Elly Whitehead, matched with the express pace in the middle from Rob Carmichael, Millie Goodinson, Liam Brown, Tabba Wood, Gabriel Jones and Alex Hicks, meant that Ciren rapidly found themselves 3-0 up and dominating the game. One chink showed in the Ciren armour and Firebrands capitalised, but a break from the restart gave Ciren another to take the half time score to 6-1.
The atmosphere at half time was one of jubilance and slight disbelief, another period of rousing speech followed and the game restarted. The Firebrands side had rallied and came out fighting. The pressure was applied to the Ciren defence, but Harry Whittle, Bel Blanche, Faye Webber and Fergal Parker-Harding worked fantastically to quell many of the attacks. The sustained pressure and high press employed by the firebrands side tested the Ciren structure and eventually goals were conceded. This did little to stifle the Ciren intensity and the structure reformed, leading to a seventh goal on the break. The game concluded a 7-4 win to Ciren!
Another step along the road to Lee Valley!
We go again on the 17th Feb.

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Sun 20, Jan 2019



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