Sun 25
O Johnston (0'), (12'), (24'), (36'), H Jackson (1'), (13'), (24'), (39'), (40'), H Kojima (5'), (13'), (26'), (42'), (46'), S Wilkinson (15'), (19'), (26'), C Cox (30'), N Paddock (6'), (27'), (32'), (52'), (34'), H Muller (12'), (40'), (66'), L Muller (39'), H Salmon (72'), (44'), J Linton (48')
Under 8s at Wotton

Under 8s at Wotton

By Dom Salmon

30 goals without reply

Cirencester U8s went to Wotton in confident mood on the back of an undefeated tournament at Cheltenham last weekend.

Cirencester played 8 and won 8, scoring 30 goals without reply. There was some great tackling, passing and shooting on display and the progress the squad is making is clear to see.

Just to mention....all of them
Amelia - one of the younger members, finished every game smiling
Hannah - made some fearless challenges
Daisy - played her best game of the season and so nearly scored
Sophie - passed the ball well and was strong in defence.
Otto - passed the ball really well and talked all the way through to support his team
Willough - showed real strength in every challenge

The potential under 10s boys squad next year were on fantastic form with Freddie and his solid defence, and the goals from the other members of the 2021 under 10 boys regional squad Josh (1), Harry (2), Henk (3), Nathaniel (5), Hector (5). Lets hope they all stay together!
It is a similar story with the older girls Liana and her solid defence (and one goal), and then goals from Cecily (1), Saskia (3), Olivia (4), Holly (5). Great work all.

There are some awesome players coming through the system, lets hope they continue to enjoy their hockey and go on to great things!
We have an excellent coaching team in the under 8s this season so thanks to Michelle, Dave, Justin, Koj, Rachel and lastly Adam (who turned up even though his daughter was not able to play!)

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Sun 25, Nov 2018



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