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Ladies 4th Team
Ladies 4s 23rd Feb and 2nd March

Ladies 4s 23rd Feb and 2nd March

By Sarah Ryan

22 goals in 2 games. Wow!

Firstly, I will report on the 23rd February. Cirencester Ladies 4th team met Lansdowne 4s on the Deer Park pitch and achieved their best result of the season; a 13-1 win. This was particularly gratifying as selection that week had been a bit of a nightmare and although we did end up with 12 players we were soon back to 11 with yet another injury! Kate had to go off with a suspected broken nose. I am happy to report that she is well on the mend and is now off skiing. Ciren scored first and then were caught napping, enabling Lansdowne to equalise.
After this however, Ciren dominated.
We were very pleased to welcome newcomers, Zoe and Laila. Both had great games - a slight understatement in Laila's case - she scored 8!! Lucy scored 2 and Sarah, Teresa and Blanche got 1 apiece.
It is to Ciren's credit that throughout the game they played as a team, working as a very cohesive unit.
Laila was awarded Dame of the Game. Dippy went to Catie for oversleeping by 3 hours and missing her game for the 3rds!! We were very pleased to have you as things turned out Catie, but you still get the award I'm afraid.

…..And on to the 2nd March. Well done Cirencester Ladies 4s; this time achieving a 9-0 win over Stroud, and without a Keeper!! I was not at the game I'm afraid, but am guessing our defence, marshalled by Annabelle, must have been pretty sound, as always. Well done ladies. 4 goals were scored in the first half and Ciren were on a roll - another great team performance as they went on to score another 5.
Laila, scored 4! There is no stopping that girl! Our other young front runners made their own impact with Becca scoring 3 and Katie J scoring 2.
Laila was awarded Dame of the game - 2 games for a senior team and 2 Dame awards!
Laura arrived at the game as it started, oblivious to her lateness, so was the deserving recipient of the coveted Dippy award.

A huge well done to all.

Sarah R

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